AustLaw Webinar | Ethics | The psychology of unethical behaviour by lawyers

Sep 09 2021

The psychology of unethical behaviour by lawyers

Dr Allan McCay

Behavioural legal ethics is an emerging field of study that is now sometimes taught in law degrees. It considers how knowledge derived from psychology can be used to understand and address the way lawyers sometimes make poor ethical decisions that may result in disciplinary proceedings.

Lawyers (like people generally) cannot be assumed to be completely rational and psychological studies suggest they are likely to be affected by cognitive issues, such as cognitive biases (irrational ways of thinking of situations). Their ethical behaviour is also likely to be affected by others in the workplace. 

In this session Allan will outline the field of behavioural legal ethics, discuss some reasons why research from this field of study should not be accepted uncritically, and consider some possible implication for the operation of law firms. 

CPD Point 1 Ethics

  • Event Date

    9 September 2021

  • Time

    1:00 pm – 2:00 pm

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