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MacDonnells Law strengthens ties with China
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MacDonnells Law strengthens ties with China

Queensland law firm MacDonnells Law is strengthening the region’s ties with the Chinese market having established a Statewide Australia China Legal Group to converge opportunities between Australia and the vast Chinese market.

MacDonnells Law’s Australia China Legal Group brings together a full range of specialised legal skills to provide a broader service for the Australian Chinese community, Australian companies interested in the Chinese market and Chinese investors investing in Australia.

The Australia China Legal Group was officially launched by the Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China, Mr Ren Gongping, at a cocktail function in Brisbane on 22 October, 2007.

Several other influential Australian and Chinese business leaders attended the launch and provided an overview of the various relationships that already exist between the two countries.

MacDonnells Law Senior Associate and leader of the Australia China Legal Group Julie Louie said MacDonnells Law identified the extensive opportunities that stemmed from these relationships and developed the focus group to help realise them.

"Our focus group channels the services we can offer to Chinese and Australian clients who are interested in business opportunities , existing or to be developed in each others markets," she said.

"In addition to Chinese businesses, our clients include many from the Australian Chinese community in Brisbane, Cairns and Townsville and other regional centres, as well as Australian businesses interested in doing business with China."

Partner and member of the Australia China Legal Group Tony Hogarth said the establishment of the group was an extension of the firm’s longstanding relationship with the Chinese Community, spanning almost 120 years

"In 1889 MacDonnells was engaged by the Hop Wah Syndicate, a group of Chinese farmers, to establish one of the first sugar plantations in Far North Queensland and a sugar mill, now the Mulgrave Mill," he said.

"Other early clients included Chinese market gardeners who engaged MacDonnells to prepare agricultural leases in the late 1800’s."

"As our firm has grown, so too have our ties with the Chinese Community and we now have a team of Lawyers who not only bring extensive experience and language skills to the group, but also profound cultural understanding of the business culture of both countries."

MacDonnells Law’s Australia China Legal Group is supported by a staff of over 200 people Statewide and provides specialised services in the areas of migration, property, mineral resources, commercial and corporate, personal services, trade, investment and Government.