AustLaw provides an opportunity for a collegiate group of Australian lawyers with similar values to focus on best practice in legal practice, continuing learning and exchange of ideas.  I value each and every AustLaw experience.

Anne Hurley

Associate Director, HHG Legal Group

AustLaw’s benefits to my firm are easy to see.  Excellent and convenient CPD, a wide-spread referral base, the sharing of knowledge and skills through the specialist groups and the bi-annual symposiums, a sense of community and cooperation and ready support.  AustLaw is invaluable to us.

Jon Prowse

Accredited Specialist – Commercial Litigation, MCW Lawyers

AustLaw gives to us a multi-state platform to share ideas, not just on legal matters but also on other issues such as practice management, technology, human resources, marketing. It is collaborative and collegiate – you can bounce thoughts with people who you know to be competent and with whom you share a rapport. It’s not just for the firm’s principals – staff at all levels can contact similar staff at other AustLaw firms to discuss experiences.

We can refer work to other geographical areas and have confidence in the outcomes.

Things that you would not necessarily want to talk about with a competitor, strategies for growth, on-line back-up if there are unexpected staff absences; AustLaw helps us to keep improving.

Rob Meers

Accredited Specialist – Business Law, Belbridge Hague
The biggest value of our membership and participation in AustLaw is the opportunity to build relationships with our colleagues in the legal industry. AustLaw is a close-knit community, that affords us a platform to share advice, celebrate accomplishments, and collectively advocate for our other members.

Michael Hatfield

Partner, Kells

The AustLaw group has provided our firm with an invaluable source of sharing information and ideas over a long period of time. The willingness and openness of members to assist each other, particularly at Practice management level, has resulted in cost and time savings that would unlikely to have been achieved from other sources. You can always rely on one of your fellow managers for assistance.

Steve Drummond

General Manager, BJT Legal

A ready made referral network at your fingertips!